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Personal Training & Heels Classes

London Personal Trainer Baker Street W1U

Personal Training 

Why Choose ThatGingerLiza?

Liza is a certified personal trainer and nutrition advisor. She will help you identify your goals, design an exercise programme that fits your needs and guide you through every exercise, every workout. 

" During your sessions with me I will prioritise your safety. My Level 4 posture correction qualification allows me  to ensure you perform exercises safely and effectively. 

3 Years experience in coaching and positively impacting peoples lives through personalised training and nutrition programmes. 

I am continuously learning and participating in health and fitness courses to expand my knowledge on the human body. In doing this I know I will be able to understand you and your fitness goals to the best of my ability. "       - Liza

London Personal Trainer
London Personal Trainer Baker Street

Qualifications & Specialities

Who is it for?

Are you working out in the gym but not convinced that you’re doing the right thing? Are you getting frustrated with your current training plan because you aren't seeing results? Have you reached a plateau? I’m here to help you achieve further change and development.

For those who struggle with low energy, chaotic eating, and sugar cravings, especially during specific phases of the menstrual cycle. I have solutions to manage your nutrition without the need to count calories on a daily basis.

Those who want to boost their confidence, burn calories without even realising it and learn how to freestyle to any music – Heels Confidence is exactly what you’ve been looking for. The class atmosphere will allow you to feel empowered. Whereas 1:1 sessions allow you to learn the basics of moving to music in a safe environment at your own pace.

Personal Trainer Baler Street W1U

Regardless of your fitness level, I can provide a detailed plan that consists of training programmes, integrated posture correction exercises, and tailored nutrition advice that will assist you to achieve your fitness goals.

Fitness First.jpg

Fitness First, 55 Baker St, London 


This is a top-tier fitness club where you can train using the most up-to-date equipment, and enjoy sauna and swim after a workout.

Where are we training?

What is Included?

Personal Trainer Central London W1U

Correct Your Body's Alignment

Posture correction exercises will be integrated into your training plan, to achieve an optimal body alignment

Detailed Nutrition Recommendations

Considering your dietary requirements and food preference I will present three different options for tracking your nutrition intake. We will determine which method is best suitable for you.

A Consultation &
3D Body Scan 

During the 30 min consultation, I will evaluate your posture and perform a full body assessment using the latest 3D technology in healthcare.

Accurate measurements of fat, muscle, bone mass in the body will be captured by the scan.

3D model of your body will be generated and can be used to set goals.


Tailored Workout Programme

Considering your fitness goals and current fitness level I will design a programme suitable for the gym or no equipment workouts.

Communication and Check-ins

You can contact me directly and send videos of your home workouts for feedback. We will have to check-ins monthly to update your goals and track your progress. Your workouts and nutrition goals will be revised and updated weekly.

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